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JJ Hannigan, Ph.D 2017








Quinn Peterson, MS 2017








Amy On-Yee Lo, Ph.D 2015

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Institute of Aging Research

Hebrew Senior Life, Harvard Medical School Affiliate






David Howell, Ph.D 2014

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

The Micheli Center for Sports Injury Prevention

Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School Affiliate







Jim Becker, Ph.D 2013

Assistant Professor

Department of Health and Human Development

Montana State University




Scott Breloff, Ph.D 2013

Assistant Professor, Faculty in charge Human Movement & Ergonomics Laboratory

Department of Exercise Science

University of Scranton





Tzurei Chen, Ph.D 2012

Assistant Professor

Department of Physical Therapy

University of Evansville




Masa Fujumoto, Ph.D 2012

Assistant Professor

Faculty of Sport and Health Science

Ritsumeikan University






Shiu-Ling Chiu, Ph.D 2012









Vipul Lugade, Ph.D 2011

Whitaker International Scholar & Research Collaborator

International Institute of Education & Motion Analysis Laboratory

Mayo Clinic






Robert Catena, Ph.D 2008

Assistant Professor

Washington State University






Sue Ewers, M.S., CPO

Teaching Associate

Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

University of Washington







Heng-Ju Lee, Ph.D 2006

Assistant Professor

Department of Physical Education

National Taiwan Normal University




David Mandeville, Ph.D 2006

Assistant Professor

Department of Kinesiology and Health Science

California State University, Sacramento




Tonya Parker, Ph.D 2006

Associate Professor

Department of Movement Science

Grand Valley State University




Jeff Beavers, MS 2006

Director of Life Sciences






Virginia Klausulier, MS 2006

CEO & Founder

Sylvatex Inc.





Shing-Jye Chen, Ph.D 2005

Research Assistant Professor

Medical Device Innovation Center

National Cheng Kung University



Mike Hahn, Ph.D 2003

Associate Professor

Department of Human Physiology

University of Oregon



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